Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Twitter Application for Marketers

As a marketer, you always want to get inside of the minds of your target audience as much as possible. The idea is to understand the potential consumer so well that you are able to “predict” what will and will not encourage the buying decision in your favor.

Check out this great website… is a site that refilters post from Twitter in a way that will allow you to follow a certain topic or brand. This will allow one to see not only what people in their current network are saying, but also people that are outside of the particular network. This could be an excellent tool for the small business owner.

Tinker has created an excellent niche for themselves!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Thirty Day Challenge

Are you at the beginning stages of starting your business? If so, take the Thirty Day Challenge. This challenge will bring you up to speed on everything from FaceBook to RSS feeds. The 2009 Thirty Day Challenge actually starts on August 1st, but now is the time to get in on the PreSeason lessons. It is completely free and very informative. Let me know if you decide to join. Maybe we can be on the same team.....

Sign up today for The Thirty Day Challenge!